Sunday, March 06, 2005

Are you a contractor? Check out this national rating site for customers and builders!

Sour Patch

I heard about this on the radio. It's a rating site for contractors to leave information on bogus or excellent customers and builders.

From the website -

"Why choose Sour Patch List? We offer over 30 different contracting trades from Electricians to Painters and much,much more. Save time and money! Know your customer before you even go to your first estimate. Servicing all 50 States! Sour Patch List is only for the contractor. Customers can not pay to be on this list nor can they view any of the ratings. Sour Patch List is a rating service that is membership based. Contractors can leave or view ratings on customers in 4 catagories. - Payment History; Working Conditions; Customer Difficulty; and Over-All Rating. "

Sour Patch List collects contractors’ information on local builders and customers in all 50 states.

We gather information from thousands of hard working professional contractors and service techs regarding how positive or negative their overall experience was with a builder or customer.

This service will help you save time, money, and aggravation. Sour Patch List will give you a preview of your up coming builder or client projects.

You will also be informed if your new found client pays promptly or has a safe working environment for you to work in. Take the guess work out of your construction projects. Sour Patch List will help you decide if this is truly a job you want, or should avoid.

Together we can make a stand and voice our opinions for a change! The Sour Patch List was created for all the hard working contractors to unite and voice our views.

Sounds like a great idea!!



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