Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tool Tracks

The Songs of Tool TV

from Tools of the Trade Magazine March / April 2005

Rock out with our tool-nutty friends from Berland's House of Tools and their new CD The Songs of Tool TV, greatest hits taken from 10 year's of owner Dwight Sherman's Chicago area TV show. There's something for everyone on this tool-themed CD, whether you fancy hard rock or easy listening.
Beyond the novelty of the lyrics, the music and production are really good. I've had the thing blasting in my shop for a month now and still get a kick out of it. My favorite track so far is the Tom Petty-sounding "At the Jobsite," a worker's lament if I've ever heard one. If you dig Bob Seger then you'd swear he's singing "...come on babe let's have some fun...I've got a brand new 'Cordless Autofeed Screwgun.'" Country fan? Try crooning along to "I'm Giving You a Tool for Christmas." As producer Roger Bain puts it. "I recommend that this CD be played at a loud volume, when you are in a fairly good mood."
The CD costs about $10. For more info call 847-590-8244 or visit www.rogerbaindemo.com.



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